About Us

The road of taking your business to the next level is not as easy as it seems. We all need a little help and, let’s admit that it – it is really hard and scary to brave the world of business alone. We have seen friends and colleagues encounter failure after failure, but we realized that our process made the difference between “going it alone and failing” and partnering for success by working with Coaching Business.

Coaching Business is a platform that is created to provide the best and innovative way of doing business coaching to further improve the state of your business whether it is in the start-up phase and you are looking forward to further establish your business or you are in a stage where you want to take your business to a much higher level.


To be the best coaching platform in the world by rendering the highest-quality products or services or both that bring business owners along with their businesses to its maximum potential.


To promote a new and effective way of doing business through coaching and guiding entrepreneurs to success!


Our Team

Innovation comes from diversity and flexibility. That’s what composes our team. The Coaching Business family is made up of people from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds with one element in common – all have successfully built and run online businesses. That depth of experience offers great expertise both in coaching and in running a successful business.


Our Coaches

Our coaches specialize in a range of skills; from the most basic to the most intricate part of successful online businesses. This makes them more than qualified in teaching and guiding entrepreneurs  achieve their own to success. Some of the fields  in which they specialize are Business 101 (Basics of Doing Business), Managing and Scaling Your Business, Providing Marketing Services, Managing Advertising Campaigns – to name but a few!


Our Staff

Our staff here at Coaching Business are composed of 15 very keen and passionate people who desire to provide you the best customer products or services or both and experience. We are dedicated individuals who engage in constant customer communications and training that will ensure the best experience for you.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you to provide the best quality of business coaching that focuses not on making you “feel good” but making you a better entrepreneur by giving you honest and transparent assessment and efficient corrective measures that will surely set you and your business up for success!

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